Apply for a Full Name Email Alias


Staff and Postgraduate @Connect users can apply for a full name email alias to supplement the often cryptic ITSC Network Account name, which is restricted to 12 characters maximum. Such an alias can provide users with a more meaningful email address for external communication, i.e. on business cards, research papers and journal publications. The alias for staff users remains active as long as you have a valid ITSC Network Account while the alias for @Connect users is lifelong. It can contain 32 characters maximum.

Choosing a Name

Staff may decide their own alias, subject to certain syntactic rules and the first-come-first-served principle in case of name clashes. An email alias for postgraduate users must contain their surname, which will need to be abbreviated if longer than 10 characters.

Here are two examples:

ITSC Network Account Full Name Email Alias
kkchanaa John.K.K.Chan
bbleeac BB.Lee

Select your full name email alias carefully as, once chosen, it cannot be changed. If you have any queries, contact the ITSC support team ( All emails addressed to your alias will be redirected to your email account.

How to Apply?

Postgraduate @Connect Users: Setup Full Name Email Alias (PG Student)

Exchange Users: Set up Full Name Email Alias (Staff or Project Account)