Registration requirements to use BING Chat


  1. Sign in Bing with Microsoft Account
    • ITSC account does not work for Bing, instead, a personal Microsoft Account is required to start using the Bing AI chatbot.
    • If you already have Microsoft account like, you can sign in Edge with your account and start to use Bing AI.
    • If you do not have a Microsoft Account, create a Microsoft Account using your personal address (e.g. your Gmail address) and assign a new password for your Microsoft Account (different from your email password).

  2. Use Microsoft Edge browser
  3. Our experience was that a US network address can speed up the one-time enablement of Bing chat.  The US network address is then not necessary in subsequent access of Bing chat.  If you have difficulties with this, please email to or visit ITSC's helpdesk for assistant.
  4. Browse to using Edge and then select Chat. Please try if you can chat with Bing chat by putting your question in "Ask me anything".