Training Course on Email Phishing

ITSC has prepared a short training course which aims to raise the cybersecurity awareness of our users on Email Phishing. It introduces a few ways on how to spot a phishing email and how to identify a fake CAS (Central Authentication Service) login page.

This training course has two video clips and a short quiz to test your knowledge on email phishing :

  • Part I will include two short video clips, and a Email Phishing web site for reference .
  • Part II will have a short quiz (with 10 multiple choice questions) for you to practice.


1. How to Enroll?

To enroll into the course, please send an email to with your ITSC username and department.  Upon receiving your email, we will enroll you into the course and send you an email to confirm.


2. How to Begin?

To begin the course after enrollment, please logon to the Canvas e-Learning system and start the online course for email phishing.

Start the Email Phishing online course