Losing or Disposing of Your Device

Take care when disposing of, selling or repairing your machine
It is a good idea to factory-reset your mobile phones before disposal, re-sale or repair. Delete all accounts and wipe/remove all data (file, photo, emails, contact, calendar).

If you lose your device or data
Contact your mobile network service provider immediately to avoid unauthorized use of your device and reset your ITSC password and/or other passwords of your personal accounts saved on the device.

Remotely reset or erase/wipe your devices
You can remotely wipe your device in the following ways:

If you use your mobile phone to synchronize emails from UST Exchange or Office 365, you can also use the following ways to remotely wipe your devices:

  • For Exchange Online users (i.e. users who completed Exchange online migration), please follow
  1. Login to http://outlook.com/owa/ust.hk
  2. Follow the instructions in this webpage to remotely wipe the data in your device.
  1. Click the Gear icon on the top right corner, then select “Options”.
  2. Click “Phone” on the left, select the device you wish to wipe, then press “Wipe Device”.
  • For Exchange 2013 users (i.e. users who haven't completed the Exchange online migration exercise), use the “Wipe Device” function offered in OWA.
  1. Login to http://owa.exchange.ust.hk.
  2. Under the “Option” menu in the top right hand corner, click “See All Options”.
  3. Click “Phone” on the left, select the device you wish to wipe, then press “Wipe Device”.

Notes:  Please approach our Service Desk (cchelp@ust.hk or x6200) if you are not sure which Exchange services you are using. 


Replace Your Device for 2FA


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