Ways to pass 2FA

After entering your username and password for 2FA applications, you can pass the 2nd authentication using any of the following ways:

1. After you received the automatic Push with your Duo Mobile app, "Approve" the sign-in request

This is the recommended way to pass the 2FA requirement as far as your mobile device has network connection.

2. Select "Yes, Trust browser" if applicable

You do not need to perform the 2nd authentication for a period if you have selected trust your web browser. This is useful on trusted device such as your desktop or laptop computer.

3. Using Windows Hello

If you are using Windows Hello and Chrome, you can use it as a 2FA method. Click here for more information.

4. Using Security Key (Passkey) by scan the QR code with your mobile

If you are using Windows 11, macOS13, iOS16, Android 10 or above, and you have add the passkey as a platform authenticator, you can scan the the QR code and Allow the sign-in.

5.Use Touch ID with Duo on Apple MacBooks and Magic Keyboards

Touch your Mac's Touch ID sensor when prompted to log in to the application with your Chrome web browser. If you aren't able to access the Touch ID sensor (such as when you close and dock your laptop), then you can choose to type in your Mac login password instead to verify.

6. Select "Other Options" --> "Duo Mobile passcode" and enter the passcode from obtained your Duo Mobile App

This is useful when your mobile device has not network connection e.g. some lecture theatres or when you are traveling overseas.


  1. Click Other options --> Duo Mobile passcode
  2. Enter the passcode obtained from your Duo Mobile App

7. Obtain a Passcode by selecting "Text message passcode"

Beware of the roaming charges when you are in overseas.

  1. Click Other options --> Text message passcode *
  2. Enter the passcode obtained from SMS message

    * Note: Supplement to the Duo Mobile App under exceptional situations, ITSC will stop sending SMS passcode to user’s mobiles if it is improperly used.

8. Obtain a Duo Bypass Code by entering your personal information

Remember to bring your HKUST Card when travelling.

9. Borrow a hardware token from ITSC and enter the passcode showing on the token

Hardware token will be provided under exceptional cases. Loss of the hardware token might cost finings. Please keep it safely.

10. Obtain a Duo Bypass Code from ITSC's service desk by showing you HKUST ID Card