What is one-time passcode and when to use it?

Apart from using the PUSH method which sends a notification to your smartphone or tablet (recommended), you can also use a one-time passcode for Duo authentication in order logon to applications supporting 2FA. Passcodes are valid until they have been used. It is similar to the code in your security device for you to sign in internet banks. However, if a second passcode is generated and used before the first, then the first becomes invalid.

Use the one-time passcode in case your mobile doesn't have Internet access e.g. travelling overseas or when you need to re-activate Duo Mobile with your new mobile phone.

You can obtain the passcode from Duo Mobile to pass the 2FA requirement:

  1. After select Other options, select Duo Mobile Passcode

  2. Launch your Duo Mobile app in your mobile device
  3. Tap on Show or the key (older version of Duo) to obtain a 6-digits passcode
  4. Enter the passcode and click Log In