Known issues on using Duo

Common issues from Duo Support

Related to Duo Mobile App

  1. There is no Duo notification with your Android device.
    The Duo notification does not work on some models of Android devices e.g. Xiaomi. Users are advised to open their Duo Mobile app in order to Approve the required authentication.
  2. Duo Push does not work if the clock of your mobile device is incorrect e.g. 5 minutes faster or slower than the current time.
    Users will need to use the One-time Passcode in order to sign in applications support 2FA.
  3. Can I get Duo Mobile if there is no Play Store with my mobile?
    User can download the Duo Mobile APK directly.
  4. Cannot receive Duo push after upgraded the iOS.
    Please reactive your Duo mobile app after log on to Duo Self-Service Portal.
  5. Why might I have issues authenticating to Duo-protected apps on iOS 11.3 after Duo Mobile push approval?

Related to OWA for mobile device

  1. After users enrolled with Duo, cannot access to email using "OWA for iPhone", "OWA for iPad" and "OWA for Android" on their mobile device.
    Mobile users are advised to use the Microsoft Outlook (*) app or use a web browser app to access your emails.

* While Outlook for iOS and Android is another choice for better using experience, staff users must take risk of storing the encrypted credential in cloud service. Please be assured that your password length is long enough (say 12 or more) to avoid success brute force attack in case of accidental leakage.

Related to Get Duo Bypass Code

  1. I cannot check out Duo Bypass Code using Internet Explorer.

To check out the Duo Bypass Code, you will need to check the option box I'm not a robot before you can submit a web form:


Please clears the compatibility view settings of your Internet Explorer if your Internet Explorer does displays the following option box:


To clear the compatibility view settings:

  1. Select Compatibility View settings under Options of the Internet Explorer
  2. Clear the website and uncheck the options boxes