Role e-Cert

Role e-Cert is a secure email certificate. With it, user may add unique digital signature to email message. This information proves to the recipient that the sender is not forged, and that the contents have not been altered in transit.

User who sends official email on behalf of his department may apply for the Role e-Cert. Role e-Cert is mandatory when sending email using desktop email client like Microsoft Outlook to some ITSC mailing lists. For example,

  • allstaff
  • allug-list
  • allpg-list

Getting Started

  1. Choose a sender address (i.e. role email address) and a full name, e.g. and “ITSC Channel”.
    • Only email address of departmental account will be accepted.
    • To apply Role e-Cert with existing project account, user may email cchelp to request to convert it to departmental account before application.
  2. Complete the online request form (logon with requester’s staff account). The request will be forwarded to the Cyber Security Coordinator of the requested department for reference.
  3. Wait for pick up notice.
  4. Visit ITSC Service Desk with the pick up notice to collect the Role e-Cert USB token.
  5. Follow the Role e-Cert Quick Start Guide to configure email client to send signed email.

Role e-Cert Token


Certificate owner will receive email before a certificate expires. To renew the certificate, user shall re-apply using the online request form (logon with requester’s staff account).

Resetting Token Password

If Role e-Cert token password is lost, owner shall bring the token and his HKUST Card to the ITSC Service Desk to reset the password.

Lost of Role e-Cert Token

Owner shall report the case to ITSC Service Desk. Certificate in the lost token will be revoked and can no longer be used to send signed email.

Return of Role e-Cert Token

If a Role e-Cert is no longer in use, user shall return the token to ITSC Service Desk.