Copyright Infringements

HKUST’s Acceptable Use Policy requires that you abide by the copyright and patent laws of Hong Kong. In particular, ITSC would like to remind users of the following:

DON’T use pirated computer software
You should not use any software that you know or have reason to believe is pirated/infringes copyright.

DON’T install software licensed for a single computer on multiple computers
Most retail computer software grants the user the right to install the software on a single computer only. It would be illegal to install software with this type of license on multiple computers.

DON’T distribute copyrighted material on the campus network
Distributing copyrighted material is illegal. You must not share copyrighted material in the campus network. For example, operate a download server, such as an ftp server and file shares.

DON’T transfer/download copyrighted material through a p2p network
(BitTorrent, Xunlei, e-Donkey,etc)
While the use of p2p file transfer is legal, using it to transfer copyrighted material is not. Most peer-to-peer file transfers will make use of your computer and network connection to further distribute the material. If you are unsurewhether materials are licensed, avoid participating in such downloading.