Retiring old format video input, analog wireless mic, old PRS handset

Date: Sept 2021

With many new features introduced to the classrooms, at the same time we are also retiring some old services or equipment from the classrooms. 

  • Old composite video input port at the Lectern - This is traditional A/V connections in Yellow/Red/White RCA connector. It used to be a very common A/V format, back in the 90s. It was commonly used to connect traditional standard definition (aka low resolution) video signals. Nowadays, video format are more commonly in digital format, like HDMI or Display Ports. Composite Video are far less frequently seen nowadays.
  • Analog wireless microphone - With the introduction the Digital Wireless Microphone - Mic4Me in Year 2018, we have gradually replaced all analog wireless microphones in classrooms with it. In this semester, we are starting to decommission the analog wireless microphone. This should be transparent to most teaching colleagues as they should now be using Mic4Me now. There may be an exception to teaching colleagues in LSK central classrooms as the Analog wireless microphone has been retired, teaching colleagues will need to bring their Mic4Me to these central classrooms in LSK campus just like other classrooms in campus.