Pilot of feedback monitor in classrooms

We understand when doing mixed mode teaching in classrooms, one of the difficulties teaching colleagues may experienced, is how to keep connected with remote students. We all know in mixed mode, the main projectors in the classroom is often showing the presentation PPT or other teaching aided materials. However, it would be nice if our teaching colleagues would be able to see our remote students like ZOOM gallery view on another display. 

ITSC have heard you. Starting September 2021, we are piloting Feedback Monitors in 11 classrooms. These feedback monitors are installed at the back of the classrooms or on the side wall of Lecture Theaters. You can choose any valid Video sources (e.g. Presentation PC, Notebook, Visualizer, AUX or Air Play) from the lectern AV Touch Panel to be shown on these feedback monitors. 

If one chooses the same video sources as the projectors, one will be able to view the same sources on these feedback monitors. This would be helpful for instructors who may want to regularly confirm which page of PowerPoint Slides is being shown.

One can also bring along a Notebook or iPad which has join to the same ZOOM class meeting and display it on the feedback monitor for viewing the remote students in Gallery View. We believe this could help teaching colleagues to further keep their engagement with remote students.