Lecture Theater LSK-G012 - A/V Enhancement 2021

The AV system in Lecture Theater LSK-G012 has been further enhanced during the summer term break.

First, we have rearranged the 3 projection screens into one single layer (instead of the two layers which we have been using in previous years). This enhancement allows colleagues to use all 3 projectors simultaneously with different video sources. This projectors arrangement is also closely aligned with other Lecture Theaters in campus. At the same time, we have replaced the projectors with state-of-the-art laser projectors which will start to show video in a few seconds after powering on. This would greatly reduce the waiting time for the AV signal after the system is started.

We have also enhanced the audio system in this theater. The audio speakers have been replaced with new one. At the same time, we have also introduced an additional pair of speakers into the mid-field of the venue, providing a better listening experience for the audience at the back of the theater.