The iPRS

iPRS is a web-based, Internet enabled PRS System. The following are some feature highlights of iPRS:

  1. Student may use either smart devices(smart phones/tablets) or the ordinary PRS handsets as answering device.
  2. iPRS is a web based application. It enables PRS sessions to be run on different systems like Windows and Mac.
  3. iPRS session information is instantly updated to a cloud database. This ensures student responses are well captured and secured.
  4. Question preparation features are further expanded and enriched.
  5. All functionalities of the ordinary PRS are preserved

List of iPRS Ready Teaching Venues (as of Jan 29, 2016)

Click here for the list of iPRS Ready teaching venues

iPRS User Guides

You may refer to the following user guides to master iPRS:

HKUST iPRS – Student Guide

HKUST iPRS – Instructor Guide (The Instructor Guide will be updated continuously for newly added features)