Community Cluster Model at HKUST

ITSC provides high-performance computing service to researchers.  The support is based on the community cluster model which is a collaboration between ITSC and HKUST researchers who need the high-performance computing facility.

  • ITSC coordinates the joint purchase and set up of high-performance computing cluster every one or two years.
  • Faculty and researcher can contribute funding to the joint purchase.  They enjoy the services and do not own the hardware.
  • Contributors have the priority to use their contributed portions.
  • If the contributed portion is idle, it can be used by others to improve the overall cluster utilization.
  • The priority to use the resources is implemented with the cluster resource management and queueing system.
  • The cluster runs with a lifespan of five years.  After that, it will be subjected to a retirement review.  With the advance of technology, it is cost effective and sustainable to have the cluster replacement every five years with factors like computing performance, energy consumption and space considered.