Computer Barn Printers

This section provides information and guidelines on using the laser printers in our computer barns and explains how to get print budget refunds if there are problems with your printouts.

Print Queues & Locations

Computer Barns printers are installed at the locations specified below. Any users connected to the campus network may print to them.

Print Queue Number of
Printer Location Printer Model
MFP - Color, MFP - Black 19 Barn A,B & C Kyocera MFP

 Multi-functions Printer Installation Guide (MFP)

You can refer to the following instructions for setting up multi-functions printer(s).

Print queues: multifunction black double-sided (for b/w print and charge),  multifunction color double-sided (for color print and charge)

** Note: Multiple pages per sheet is not supported by iOS, Android, ChromOS and Web Print.

You may also download the Multi-functions printer user guide


Print jobs are charged to your print budget.

Print budget balance & notification

All PCs in computer barns have installed the Papercut client tool to show you the current balance and notification after a print job has been completed / failed. You can also find the destination of your print job from the notification.

Using Laser Printers and Guidelines

ITSC provides network-connected laser printers in computer barns to cater for general printing needs. Printing units are available in ALL barns to enable you to print double-sided pages. To use these printing facilities, you need a valid ITSC Network Account. Each account comes with an initial 150 units of carbon count that are free of charge. Users requiring large amounts of printing will need to purchase additional print budget. Please visit Your Print Budget for further details.

  • Beware of Your Privacy – Print job will be sent to the printers right away. Anyone around the printer at that moment may see your printout.
  • Aim to be eco-friendly – Printing is never a green idea so only print what you need and think twice before you print.
  • Do not use the laser printers as photocopiers.
  • Avoid printing large documents which tie up the printer during busy periods.
  • Preview your document before sending it to the printer to try to spot and correct any formatting mistakes before printing.
  • Make sure that a proper printer driver is used. A common mistake is to use a dot matrix printer driver for laser printing.
  • Printers in the computer barns only accept three document formats: plain text, Postscript, and PCL. Documents in other formats must not be sent to the print queues. Check with the student consultants if you have a problem.
  • Dark areas on a printout consume a large amount of toner. Excess toner may then cling to the paper path inside the printer causing subsequent printouts to be dirty. Avoid this if possible.
  • Printouts of document with a dark background, especially those produced for on-screen presentations, are difficult to read and waste toner. It is a good idea to print them in reverse color. In PowerPoint 97, there is a “pure black & white” option in the printing dialog box which does this.
  • ONLY use HP Color Transparency Film for Laserjet with color laser printers. Other brands of transparencies may melt while going through the printer and cause hardware damage. Users feeding through unapproved transparency brands will be liable for all damage.

Refunds for Problem Printouts

Should you receive poor quality printouts due to a printer, system or application problem, you can seek a print budget refund. Please come to the ITSC General Office, bringing your student ID card and the problem printouts. All refunds will be in the form of print budget credit. No cash refund will be made. Refunds will NOT be given when the problem printout is a result of user negligence. For example:

  • Forgetting to log out so that someone else prints with your budget
  • Accidentally sending more than one copy to the printer
  • Formatting problems not due to system or application error

Remember that any printouts sent accidentally to the printer may still be canceled in time. Should you require assistance, contact the student consultants. The print budget enquiry program can help you check print job information, e.g. when you sent the print job, which print queue it has been sent to, the type of document printed, and the amount of print budget deducted.