Computer Barn Disciplinary Guide

Do’s and Don’ts

We seek to ensure everyone can enjoy the facilities provided and expect all users to behave responsibly. Please remember access is only provided to authorized users, namely holders of a valid HKUST staff ID card or student ID card. Student consultants may check your ID card as needed.

To enable a good shared working environment:

  • Report accidental damage by you or others to the student consultant on duty or to ITSC (email: as soon as possible to allow appropriate action to be taken
  • Keep the computer barn clean and tidy
  • Remember to take away your belongings (including waste paper) when you leave
  • Keep your voice down when engaged in a discussion to avoid disturbing other users
  • Eat, drink, or smoke
  • Disconnect, remove, or relocate equipment and furniture without consent from ITSC
  • Login and reserve multiple computer in the barn
  • Use the computer for unauthroized commercial activities
  • Leave your belongings unattended or use them to reserve seats. Acting on behalf of ITSC, student consultants may release a computer for other users. ITSC takes no responsibility for any loss of personal property.

Disciplinary Action

Abuse or intentional damage to any facility will result in the user being deprived of the right to use the Computer Barns for a period of time specified by ITSC, or being brought before the Student Disciplinary Committee.