Computer Barn B Tang Shiu Kin Computational Laboratory
This barn, which comprises 64 PCs, is solely for individual access.  There are 16 x 32" large display monitors setup for students to connect their laptops to them for easy on the eye viewing.  6 black and white and 2 color network laser printers are available in this barn.  The print queue monitor fixed on the wall is for users to check their print job statuses.  
The hardware equipment available in this barn are listed below.

Hardware Available

48 x i5-11500 16GB DDR4 1TB SSD 27” monitor
16 x i5-10600K 32GB DDR4 1TB SSD 27” monitor
16 x 32” Dell display monitor
6 x Kyocera B/W Laser Printer
2 x Kyocera Color LaserJet Printer

Equipment for students with special education needs

2 x Electrical height adjustable table
1 x Desktop Screen Magnifier with English OCR
1 x Screen Magnification software with speech and large print keyboard
1 x Openbook OCR with Pearl Camera