Switching Office 365 logon to Cloud Service

Office 365 logon service will be switched from on-premises server ADFS to Azure AD (Azure Active Directory) – a cloud service from Microsoft, starting from 20 Oct 2020.  Besides improving security and resistance from on-premises server failure, this change also paves the way to our password-less strategy that mentioned in the Fall 2020 issue of Channel Newsletter. 
This change will cause low impact except that users should be aware a new logon experience from current ADFS.  After switched to Azure AD, users will be prompted to sign in with their email address once again with their Microsoft Outlook, email apps on mobile as well as other Office 365 applications such as OneDrive and Office apps.  Please be assured to enter the credential and then approve with the Duo 2FA. 
Current look (desktop/mobile) with ADFS:
New look (desktop/mobile) with Azure AD from 20 Oct 2020 onwards: 

In case Chrome users cannot sign in to Outlook on the web, please select Forget your account and then add your account again:


Should you have any queries or encountered any logon difficulties after the change with the native client, please contact ITSC Service Desk ext. 6200, or drop an email to cchelp@ust.hk.  For urgent need to access email, please remind that Outlook on the web (https://outlook.com/owa/ust.hk) is always accessible with a web browser. 

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