HKUST SSO Service to streamline Single Sign-On

ITSC has been providing the authentication service based on two separate Single Sign-On (SSO) platforms.  One is the “Microsoft SSO platform” for supporting Microsoft Office 365 applications.  The other is a “Central Authentication Service (CAS) SSO platform” for supporting majority of web applications.  To enhance the user logon experience, ITSC will be merging the CAS login into the Microsoft login platform.  This will further reduce your chance of being prompted for entering your password without compromising the security level.

The unified SSO platform will be rebranded as “HKUST SSO Service”.  It is built on the managed identity service by Microsoft, which provides enterprise level security, robustness and resiliency.  The new setup will facilitate linking up our SSO platform with the corresponding system of the Guangzhou campus.  It will also pave the way to support the future “passwordless authentication” which is our ultimate goal in phasing out password-based authentication.
The unified HKUST SSO Service will be rolled out after 6pm on 6 June 2022 (Mon).  There should be no perceived service interruption.  Once the change is effective, users will only see the Microsoft login screen when there is a need to enter your login credentials for accessing any CAS-based or Microsoft applications.

Details of the new HKUST SSO Service can be found at:

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Service Desk or email

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