Personal Home Page Guidelines

The following explains the conditions that apply if you want to create a personal home page.

  • HKUST is a nonprofit educational institution and the use of its facilities, including computer and network facilities, is limited to the educational and other nonprofit purposes of its students, faculty and eligible staff.
  • Accordingly, computing and networking resources and the ability to create a personal home page, either linked to the official HKUST home pages or posted using HKUST computer facilities, are privileges extended to members of the HKUST community, within the available resources of HKUST, and must be exercised in conformity with all applicable HKUST policies and guidelines and all applicable laws.
  • Personal home pages may be created and posted only for presenting the author’s own information or materials of a personal nature, and should not be used as a channel for providing online services, such as downloading software, discussion forums, etc.
  • You are not allowed to include in a web page any advertising materials or other materials relating to business or commercial activities of your own or any third person. No pornographic or indecent materials can be included, either in a direct or indirect way, on a personal home page. The content of any web page and its compliance with applicable policies and laws are the sole responsibility of the author.
  • All users are expected to observe acceptable standards of behavior in using HKUST computing and networking services. Please read the Acceptable Use Policy carefully before creating your personal home page.
  • HKUST does not routinely monitor or edit the content of web pages. However, in the event that HKUST becomes aware of a violation of policy or law that involves a web page, HKUST reserves the right to remove the web page, restrict access to the page or take other action deemed appropriate.
  • If you have any doubt as to the applicability of the policies and guidelines referred to here, contact before taking any action.
  • If you do not want your web activities to be restricted by these policies and guidelines, you are advised to contact commercial internet service providers.