Guidelines for Using ALLSTAFF, ALLUG-LIST and ALLPG-LIST Mailing Lists
  1. ALLSTAFF, ALLPG, ALLUG are for sending out essential messages that are are relevant to all staff and students. The messages should mainly be on important administrative announcements or academic purposes. Examples include:
    • announcements about the missions, strategies, operations, or standpoints of the University
    • information about study, examination, student finances or housing matters
    • advices pertaining to urgent health, safety or emergency situations
    • messages required by the law or about compliance to regulations
    • other important messages such as University’s press releases pertaining to the interest of all University members
  2. Such mailing lists should not be used for non-University related activities (e.g. commercial and private activities) or electoral campaigns. For event promotions, please use other digital channels, e.g. HKUST Engage, University Event Calendar, E-Board, departmental websites.
  3. Try to keep the message brief and the size of ALLSTAFF, ALLPG or ALLUG email should be limited to 3 MB.
  4. Avoid sending attachments as this will much increase the size of your email and will degrade the server performance. For making long announcements, maybe you can include a pointer like a web URL, etc in your message for further reference.
  5. For those messages which may not be of interest to all the staff or students, please make use of the Refreshable mailing lists which will give users the option to “unsubscribe” from the list if they are not interested in that topic at all.