General Usage Guidelines for Using Mailing Lists
  1. This channel should only be used for important messages that are relevant to all members in the mailing list. Too many casually sent emails may impose a negative effect of users ignoring the mail.
  2. Please allow list member to un-subscribe your list by putting a footer like:

    P.S.   To unsubscribe from this communication, please click here. (with "here" linked to, replace your-list with the name of mailing list, e.g. seminar-list, etc)

  3. Long notices may lead to users simply deleting them without reading. Hence, the mail should be a brief message e.g. with 50 lines. For long announcements, a pointer should be given instead, asking users to make reference to other sources like a web page for further information.

  4. Please avoid sending attachments to mailing lists, as some recipients may not have the necessary applications to view the attached files. Besides, it will take up a lot of disk space and degrade the server performance. A pointer to a web site should be given instead. If it is necessary to attach files to these mails, the total size (including MIME encoded file attachment) of each mail should be under 10 MB.
  5. Please do not consider the mailing lists as a guaranteed channel for dispatching important messages. There will be circumstances that may cause the mail to be undeliverable due to some misconfiguration made by the users. For example, users may have forwarded their mails to an incorrect email address.