Adoption of New Technologies Policy

New technology is ever-growing and adoption of new technologies is getting very fast by consumers and businesses nowadays. Many devices like smart phones, tablets, wearables, etc can now easily get connected to the Internet. These devices with network connectivity will allow them to send and receive data automatically, in which will open up new possibilities to hackers.

Departments / Offices / Units when adopting these kind of new technologies should have sufficient security measures, practices and control in place. The followings are the top 10 vulnerability categories which should pay much attention to, and security impact assessment should be conducted on these areas when adopting new technologies. For details, please refer to the OWASP Top Ten IoT vulnerability categories.

  1. Insecure Web interface
  2. Insufficient authentication or authorization
  3. Insecure network services
  4. Lack of transport encryption
  5. Privacy concerns
  6. Insecure cloud interface
  7. Insecure mobile interface
  8. Insufficient security configuration
  9. Insecure software or firmware
  10. Poor physical security

If you are going to adopt new technologies or have any query on its cybersecurity area, please send an email to ITSC to keep record of your initiatives and to seek our assistance.