Spoofed Display Name

Every email user can setup a display name for easy identification instead of solely displaying their email address. However, spammers can easily send spoofed message by changing their email display name and trick you to think that they are one of your friends, your working partner or somebody you trusted. 

Below is an email message received from a Gmail user named Chan Tai Man. If you rely on the display name only and reply to this sender without examining his email address, you can never tell which Chan Tai Man you are communicating. Sometimes, spammers will also use email address with the ust.hk characters such as prof.chan.ust.hk@gmail.com to lure you to think that he is a HKUST member. Please do not reply to others based on the display name without examining the sender's real email address.

Alert message to help users

While we have no easy way to block all such emails (because some can be legitimate), we have put an eye-catching warning message when our system detects that the email sender is suspicious:
[ALERT] : The sender of this email may not be affiliated with HKUST. Be cautious! 
Below is a sample message added with alert message: