FAQ on using Microsoft Authenticator
  1. How to logon if I forgot to bring my mobile or loss of it?
    If you forgot to bring your mobile or lose of it, you can user other methods such as your alternate phone or office phone if you have registered before. If there is no available method, please visit our service desk or email to cchelp@ust.hk and we can assign a Temporary Access Pass (TAP) after verified your Staff identity e.g. Staff ID card.
    After you got a new mobile, you can sign in to https://aka.ms/mysecurityinfo and then change to other sign in methods. Remove the sign-in method with your loss phone and add again. Update the "Default sign-in method: Microsoft Authenticator - notification" with your new mobile. In Microsoft Authenticator app (your new mobile), choose Set up phone sign-in from the drop-down menu for the account registered.
  2. How to add sign in methods?
    Pleaes read Add sign-in methods (via Security Info).
  3. Cannot receive Authenticator's notification?
    After you choose your account to sign in but there is no notification with your Authenticator app, please invoke Microsoft Authenticator from your mobile and sweep down to check for notifications. You can then approve the sign in request.
  4. Can I use Microsoft Authenticator with Multiple Accounts?
    Yes. Just add your accounts if necessary. Please note that only Microsoft Authenticator for iPhone supports passwordless with multiple accounts. With Microsoft Authenticator for Android, you can just setup one account for phone sign-in (passwordless) while you can approve other account's using the Authenticator app.