Installing Azure Information Protection (AIP) Client

Microsoft Office 365 already has built-in support for using AIP to protect Microsoft Office files and email (with Microsoft Outlook).   The AIP client allows you to add AIP protection to PDF files (and other file types e.g. CSV files and images).  It also provides more permission settings when it is used to protect files. 

For Microsoft Office 2016, you need to install the AIP client to enable the AIP features. 

The AIP client is only available for Windows. 

To install the AIP client to your Windows computer, please follow the steps below  

  1. Visit the webpage (
  2. Press the “Download” button 

  3. Select “AzInfoProtection_UL.exe” option by checking the checkbox next to it.

  4. Then press "Next" to start the download
  5. Install that software when the download is finished.  
  6. Restart your Office applications if the Sensitivity icon is dimmed.  You will need to sign in to your Microsoft Office with your ITSC username and password in order to use the AIP functions.