Windows 10 / 11 Vulnerability Report - explanation

ITSC produces vulnerability report regularly to indicate the security health of Intune managed Windows 10 / 11 machines. The report shows a list of application software which are vulnerable and may pose security risk. Here are the detailed explanation of the report.

Getting Started
Column Description
  1. recommendationName
  • Recommended action to resolve the security risk
  1. recommendedVersion
  • Recommended application software version to update and resolve the security risk
  1. publicExploit
  • TRUE / At least one method (exploit) can be found publicly to take advantage of the application security risk for attacking the machine
  • FALSE / At this moment, no known public exploit can be found to take advantage of the application security risk
  1. remediationType
  • ConfigurationChange / No need to update software. Software configuration change should be made.
  • Uninstall / No software update is available. Application should be removed from machine.
  • Update / Software update is available. Up-to-date software should be installed.
  1. relatedComponent
  • Name of the application
  1. Computer Name