Features of Secure File Share

The Secure File Share Service for department is hosted on an enterprise-class network file server appliance. It provides the following features:

Networked Storage

Provides networked data storage for storing departmental data/documents. Users can access the storage via network drive.

Data Protection

Data are replicated to another file server appliance every 15 minutes for data protection and high availability.

Shadow Copy Recovery

A snapshot is taken at 07:00 and 13:30 everyday and will be kept for 5 weeks. Users are able to restore a previous copy or deleted copy of a file or folder by themselves.

Access Control

Department can apply multiple file shares that allow share administrators to use shares for different functions.  Share administrator also allows to specify access control on folders and files within a share in order to restrict access.

Quota Management

Provide storage quota to file shares for better storage allocation and utilization.