Microsoft 365 OneDrive storage change notice

Effective from 1st February 2024, Microsoft will enforce a maximum storage limit of 100GB on OneDrive for users with the Office 365 A1 licenses. This will apply to all HKUST Alumni accounts and project / departmental accounts. When you approach the storage limit on OneDrive, Microsoft will send you a warning notification. If you exceed the limit, you will be unable to edit, copy, upload, or sync files in OneDrive until you reduce your storage within the limit.

While most of you will not see any short-term impact from this change, it does mean that you will need to review your storage to understand how much you are using today and work to delete and archive your files by moving personal documents from OneDrive for Business to a location such as a local drive, a USB drive, or another Personal OneDrive, etc., as early as possible.

To learn how to review files in OneDrive, you may refer to the "Manage your OneDrive storage" guide.

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