Access the Cluster

To access the cluster, user has to login the login-node,, via Secure Shell (SSH) on campus (VPN required when outside of campus). User can compile the program and application there and submit them to run in the compute nodes with the batch queuing system SLURM (Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management)

The login node is for compilation and simple tasks and is shared among all users in the cluster. Please do NOT run your application in the login node and that might affect other users and the system reliability. Any CPU intensive job running in the login node will be stopped automatically and user will be alerted by email.

The cluster supports SFTP, so user can transfer files between a local PC and the cluster using corresponding client, e.g, FileZilla. The host to connect in SFTP configuration is also

For the available software in the cluster, please refer here.

For how to run jobs with SLURM, please refer here.